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Well what's all this about?

I've had this website for a long time, and I find only recently I wish to make it into a memoriam for myself. I'm not dying anytime soon, but I mean in the more...metaphorical sense.

This contains a mix of a diary, a manifesto, a collectors paradise and more importantly, a sneak peak into my own sickness relating to almost anything.

I hope you find use out of this, if can pick my brain to pieces if you like

Ego? Ego!

Shrines For Past, Present and Hopeful Future

I am a big fan of things, media and what not, sometimes real people, this section is for those parts of the site. I must warn you, my interests are... odd... As you can tell, I enjoy terrible people, not in the Twitter girl who is in love with Ted Bundy way, but in the sense that I study them like bugs, for what they did was awful, but there is a sick sense of obsession I have with their histories.

Albert Fish : Ah yes...infamous child rapist and serial killer, obvious warning for those things inside of the page.

Psycho, 1960 : One of my favorite movies of that decade, of course it deserves its own ramble page filled with trivia and photos!

Sphinx Kitties : Don't you fret if you hate dark subjects! I love cute things as well and this page is just for you! Filled with reasons on why sphinxs are my favorite cat breeds, photos of them and funny memes I've found of them.