ever since i was a kid, i wanted to be a corpse, still hasn't happened, but i'm trying. besides that, im edward, vivisection, faggot, or really anything at this point, i originally made this site with a purpose, can't remember the reason for it now though. nowadyas its just a large blob of random shit that i think need to be shown, or at this point, bullshit that just comes out of my mouth.

i'm a horror writer and artist as well, if that makes you feel proud of me, most of it is pretty fucking nasty and if i post it here i might get hashtag cancelled on twitter, but eventually...perhaps.

anyways i'm a trans fag who wants to be a corpse and is pro self harm, what else you want to know?


nine inch nails, the paper chase, rob zombie, maniac street preachers, alice cooper, ministry, rammstein, msi, ice nine kills


the dead, history, niche political idealogies, politics as a whole, media anaylsis, splatterpunk, old web, music, military uniforms, wwii, the soviet union, centricide and having normal thoughts about nazis